Aug 30, 2010

Fe(a)ris(h) Wheel

This pict i took about 2 weeks ago on the way home, some local funfair near my place at about 8 p.m

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya rasan-rasan ingin sekali menulis (di blog) dengan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, kemudian (sesuai tipikal saya), jadilah posting ini berbahasa Indonesia, karena secara kebetulan ini adalah posting pertama setelah saya memikirkan menulis di blog menggunakan bahasa Indonesia.

(Oh,okay,well,yeah *seka keringat* karena ini jadi terasa seperti ujian kelas Bahasa Indonesia saat SMA)

Anyway *pardon kegado-gadoan bahasa saya*, saya termasuk manusia yang mempunyai ikatan emosional yang kuat terhadap sesuatu, sehingga saat melihat, mencium dan atau mendengar sesuatu yang sudah pernah dilihat, dicium dan atau didengar sebelumnya,contohnya :

kasus 1 : saat berpacaran dengan sebut saja A, saya menggunakan parfum B dan sering mendengarkan lagu C, maka saat saya tidak   berhubungan dengan si A lagi, dan di kemudian hari saya mencium (lagi) bau parfum B  atau mendengarkan (lagi) lagu C, emosi yang ada saat saya bersama A, akan terasa lagi dengan persis sama

kasus 2 : (tidak..cukup kasus 1 itu saja untuk memberikan contoh)

Tapi kemudian, semakin umur saya bertambah, saya rasa emosi akan memori itu sendiri pun bisa berubah, bahkan hal yang sama pun akan memberikan emosi yang berbeda seiring saya bertambah tua. Seperti saya yang tidak lagi nyaman dengan suasana mengendarai Beetle tua (tidak seperti saya yg berumur 19 thn); saya yang tidak lagi suka aroma pewangi mobil vanila (tidak seperti saya yg berumur 19 thn); saya yang tidak lagi suka mendengarkan lagu2 Cranberries (tidak seperti saya yg berumur 15 thn);saya yang tidak lagi suka hujan (tidak seperti saya yg berumur 5 s/d 20 thn).

Nah..kemudian hubungan itu semua dengan Bianglala di Pasar Malam ini adalah bahwasanya si Bianglala atau Ferris Wheel ini adalah salah satu dari sedikit hal yang memberi efek emosional yang tidak berubah sampai dengan sekarang. Baik berumur 5,7,11,13,17,19,23...emosi yang ada saat saya melihat bianglala selalu sama : terintimidasi sekaligus excited dengan euphoria lampu dan kinetika.

Sesampainya saya di rumah, sambil memilah-milah file foto, saya berpikir : di samping kebutuhan untuk dinamis dan bereformasi, manusia memang memerlukan sesuatu yang diam dan statis, untuk alasan apapun.





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Aug 5, 2010

Point Of Interest

2 weeks ago, I took my 1 year old daughter Kai to Art Jog along with my husband. This below was Kai, a nite before..too excited to sleep.

Art Jog was an annual art fair that held in Jogjakarta, since 2008, and formerly named Jogja Art Fair (JAF). These i took from JAF#2 2009

Now, here's ART JOG 2010

I've been regular visitor at JAF slash ART JOG, and of course i had taken picts in my every visit. These were what caught my eyes (and my pocket camera's eye) on ART JOG 2010 2 weeks ago.

1. My daughter curiosity and enthusiasm for this whole art fair thing, although at first, she was sleeping, ever since we got off the car. Well, after she woke up, nothing could stop her from running accross the room and pointing her finger at everything

2. Like Father, like daughter

3. Here goes something that was really disturbing and made me wondering "how far would we go for art?'. Oh God damn it..those were rabbit's head!

Hey. Kai was taking a shoot too,,i thaught her how to used the camera and pressed the shutter. And here goes the result of Kai took a shoot of her daddy

After we came home and reviewed the picts, then it suddenly hit me that all picts i took were all the picts of Kai, not the scene of anything at ART JOG. You see, i was always love to came into something like this, loved to took a picts of the artworks, and then i suddenly didnt have any interesting at all about those artwork objects, because there was my daughter, and compared to everything, she's my point of interest, she's my masterpiece after all. My big-stepper masterpiece ;)

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Jun 17, 2010

The Thing of Beauty

O yeah,watching my daughter sleeping with her thousand styles is oh-so-exciting-to-do thing, as i was watching forum in theurbanmama where they showed their kids sleeping poses, i'd love to show mine too, start from this blog it will kind of buy-1-get-1-free because my blog is now so out-dated since my assignment's deadline hunted me down these couple months, so now my blog will be updated *yaayyyyy*

above is Kai, my daughter, 6 months old *i love her lips's shape, remind me of Koi fish.Awh Kai and cute*

Tiger cubs being held by her granpap *awwwww* there were several styles that Kai would occasionaly performed, "njungkring" was her favorite style, plus : popped her face in between 2 mats

ow,and this was also her personal favourite,,well i guess this style is everybaby's favourite style ;) ( the left one were taken while she wass sleeping on the couch of Pizza Hut and the right one is when she got what they called here in Indonesia : Singaporean Flu, although it's more like  chicken pox rather than a flu. Oh my poor Kai)

I really dont know what kind of affair my daughter had with her room's wall, and why'd she always put her foot on the wall while sleeping I called it superheroine's flying pose ;) being shot pose? ;))

balerina style ;))) when she was too tired to get off from her car seat sleeping at peace, at last ;)




I 'm going to look for my daughter's first bday bash preparation. She'll be first years next Monday,,hope it'll going well ;)


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Feb 5, 2010

from our so-called cycling photography

oh yeah..this is what we've got from cycling photography.Well you know,it's term that's been used to describe the activity of cycling while taking a picts,or taking a picts while cycling,,or,,whatever.
Anyway, since we've never done good in photography,,we just took things that caught our interest and worth to be shown.So, there they are...taken about a month ago in surrounding area of Keraton Jogjakarta, ID

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Jan 13, 2010

final assignment for interior design course this semester part.2

final assignment for interior design course this semester part.1